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Description textIf you are thinkning of selling now or in the next few months, let us provide you with a step by step process  that can help you sell for Top Dollar

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Scene 1 - Five Secrets to Stagging

 Imagine  giving yourself every opportunity to make more money AND have your home  sell in a reasonable amount of time, say 30-60 days, while having a  stress free process. 

Scene 2 - Price Planning Strategies

Learn how to sell your home without reducing your price and discover how to  prepare your home for Showtime with our pricing strategies. 

Scene 3: How to Create Demand for Your Home

Most homes fail in the market due to bad strategy and marketing. 

Scene 4 - Selecting an Expert

Beware of Traditional Realtors, we call them amateurs. How to pick them out

Scene 5 - Home Evaluation

We will send you a report with "up to the minute" information, including  all the homes for sale and homes sold in your area in the last 60 days.