Client Testimonials

The Alonso Family

Working with Moe and his team was a great pleasure. The sale of our home was as smooth as can be while he worked hard to get us the most for our property. A big plus was that he able to help us with the purchase of our new home and was extremely patient with with us as we worked together to find our dream home.

Roberto and Alexandra Alonso

The Galvao Family

I guess I should start my story before I actually met Moe. Back in 2011 my best friend and I decided we wanted to take the little bit of extra cash we had and invest it in a home. Our goal was to build some equity so that when we sold the property we could each get our own. Fast forward to 2014, we were ready to make the next move. Knowing housing prices had gone up a little bit coupled with some huge changes in my personal life (found out my wife and I were having a baby!) it was time to sell and purchase our first family home. My aunt had recently dealt with a realtor in a purchase so she suggested I meet with him. This individual came in and was extremely pushy. He undervalued my home by over 30k and said that the only way to sell my house quickly would be through an investor. 

I consulted with Moe after meeting with this individual and Moe did a true appraisal of my home. He showed me in detail why he determined the pricing and assured me of the value of my home. Thank God I listened to him. Not only did we receive full value for our home, but we also had an offer after the first weekend of showings! Moe is professional, knowledgeable and if it weren’t for him, we would not be where we are today. 

Thanks Moe!!!  

The Medina Family

Moe treated us like family during the entire selling process and we were extremely satisfied with his negotiating skills. He was very personable and always there throughout the sale our of home.  

The Cabral Family


Moe was always available. A consummate professional, he always picked up my calls even when he knew I was being unconscionable or pretending to know stuff. The first thing that comes to mind about Moe is his reliability and his knowledge of the marketplace. Moe did his homework  and made sure we always left comfortable with every decision. He provided nothing but World Class service!